Audio settings

Use the descriptions in this section as guidelines for the included audio settings, and also as guidelines for customizing those settings.

  • Audio (check box)   Specifes whether to encode the audio portion of a file.

  • Default profile   Uses the audio profile that best matches, in quality, the video profile that you chose.

  • Audio (menu)   Specifies the compression format and optimal playback scenario of the profile. In the audio list, click the WMA profile that best matches the quality of audio that you need for your encoded stream. Select Source Profile to retain the settings in the source file.

  • Codec   Specifies the codec that Expression Encoder will use to compress the audio. If you are encoding the audio segment of a video stream, you can use WMA and WMA Pro, but if you are encoding audio only, you can encode using WMA Lossless and WMA Pro LBR.

  • Mode   Specifies whether to apply constant or variable bit rate encoding.

  • Bitrate   Specifies, in Kbps, the bit rate for the file. Increase the bit rate if audio is an important part of the file, for example, if the audio is of a concert. To save file size and bandwidth, you may want to decrease this value if your audio only consists of speech, such as a news broadcast.

  • Sample Rate   Specifies the amount of samples per second in the audio file. You will get the best results if you set the sample rate to match the rate of your original file.

  • Bits Per Sample   Specifies the bit depth used when sampling.

  • Channels   Specifies the type of audio channels in your file. Most profiles feature only stereo.

  • Audio peak bitrate (VBR only)   Specifies the maximum allowed bitrate for encoding.

  • Audio peak buffer size (VBR only)   Specifies the maximum allowed buffer size for encoding.