Duplicate and delete

You have several ways to make an identical copy of any selected object (or objects) in your document, and two ways to delete it.

Duplicating objects

To duplicate an object

  • Select one or more objects that you want to duplicate and use one of the following procedures:

    • On the Edit menu, click Duplicate. The new version appears up and to the right of the original.

    • On the Edit menu, click Copy. The object is copied to the Clipboard. From the Edit menu, click Paste, Paste in Front, Paste in Back, or Paste with Layer to add it to your document.


      You can also use this command to copy an object to another application in the Microsoft Expression Studio family.

    • Hold down the ALT key when you drag the object. (You can hold down the ALT key either before or after you start dragging, as long as it's held down when you release the mouse button.)

Deleting objects

To delete an object

  • Select one or more objects, and then, on the Edit menu, click Delete, or press the DELETE key.

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