Import a Silverlight 1.0 site from Expression Encoder 2

This page applies to Silverlight 1 projects only

Microsoft Expression Encoder 2 uses templates to create Microsoft Silverlight 1.0 video experiences by encoding video in a player. The player can be skinned by using a Silverlight 1.0 template. When you encode a job in Expression Encoder 2, a Silverlight 1.0 site is created that you can open and modify in Expression Blend 2.

To import a Silverlight 1.0 site from Expression Encoder 2

  1. In Microsoft Expression Encoder 2, click Import on the File menu, select a video file, and then click Open. The video opens in the viewer pane for editing.

  2. In the Output tab, under Job Output, select a template from the drop-down box next to Template.


    An image appears next to Preview to show you what the media player template will look like. Remember the path in the Directory field where your project will be exported.


  3. In the Media Content panel, click Encode to encode the video in this job.

  4. In Microsoft Expression Blend 2, on the File menu, click Open, and then select Site. The Open Site dialog box appears.

  5. Click the Browse button, browse to the folder that was exported by Expression Encoder 2, click Select Folder, and then, in the Open Site dialog box, click OK.

    The Microsoft Silverlight 1.0 media player project opens in Expression Blend 2 for editing.


    You can also import a Silverlight 1.0 project into a Microsoft Expression Web 2 project and publish it to a website. For more information, see the Expression Web 2 User Guide.


Also see the following topics in the Expression Encoder 2 User Guide:

  • Encode using templates

  • Edit a Silverlight template


Also see the following topics in the Expression Web 2 User Guide:

  • Publishing websites overview

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