List view

List view


In the List view of a catalog, your media appears in ordered rows containing the information you choose, such as file name, size, type, duration, and so on. Movie thumbnails show a small video icon to differentiate them from still images. The path for the location of the file and a media-related description appears in the header. For files that are on unmounted drives or removable media, such as CDs or DVDs, this file path text displays in red.

To sort the list according to a field, click the corresponding field label in the Header bar above the list area. To rearrange the order of header fields, drag the field name to a new location. Notice that some information depends on the file type. For example, the Duration field applies only to movies and sounds.

To rename a file, click its name and start to type, just as you would on the desktop. Microsoft Expression Media will not rename the item if the original file is offline, locked, or set to read-only. To modify annotations, click the annotation field you want and start to type in the space provided.

By default, the width and height fields are displayed in pixels. You can change the unit of measure in the Dimensions setting of the Options dialog box (on the Edit menu, point to Preferences, and then click the General tab).

Although the icons are small, movies and music will play in List view. To change the view, select a file and press the SPACEBAR. You can also change views while the file is playing.

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