Modifying other workspace elements

You can adjust the brightness of the Microsoft Expression Encoder workspace, and also the size and location of the panels.

To adjust the brightness of the workspace elements

  1. On the Tools menu, click Options.

  2. Click Workspace.

  3. To change the brightness of the workspace, select an option from the Theme menu.

  4. Click OK.

To change the locations of the tabs

  • Drag any tab from its current location. A blue line appears at the edge of the workspace as you drag the tab to a new location. When you reach your desired location, release the mouse button.

To hide panels

  • You can hide or reveal panels by clicking Turn on AutoHide Cc294698.6b0d784c-8512-4d51-86e0-16ff1c4e5dcb(en-us,Expression.30).png or Turn off AutoHide Cc294698.5c4bcef8-0c45-4144-bac5-d561572788c8(en-us,Expression.30).png at the upper-right corner of each panel. When you hide a panel, it becomes recessed into the side of the workspace, and only the tab name is visible. To reveal it, click the corresponding tab.

To resize panels

  • Drag the space between panels to change the dimensions of a panel.

    Resizing a panel