Create or delete a slice

A new feature in Microsoft Expression Design lets you create sections, or slices, of objects in your document. Slices let you export part of your artwork instead of the whole piece. Each slice includes all objects, layers, and live effects in the slice area, but you can hide these in the slice if you want.

Slices let you export your artwork in organized pieces, and in various file formats. Additionally, you can copy slices from the Expression Design workspace and paste them into another open document or another program such as Microsoft Expression Blend or Microsoft Paint.

Create a slice by using the Slice tool

Use the Slice tool to draw a marquee around the objects from which you want to create a slice.

To create a slice using the Slice tool

  1. Select the Slice Slice tool tool in the Toolbox (or press K), and then draw a marquee around the objects that you want as a part of your slice.


    You can hide unwanted layers before creating the slice, or you can hide them under Edit Slice in the Properties panel after you create the slice.


    In the Layers panel, a new layer appears under Slice Layer to represent the contents of your new slice, and a blue bounding box identifies your slice area on the artboard.


  2. If the blue bounding box is bigger than it has to be, or if it is not big enough to include all the surface area of an object, you can click Fit Slice to Content on the Object menu.

  3. Create more slices if you want.

Create a slice by using the shortcut menu

Slice creation has been added to the shortcut menu that appears when you right-click a selected object or objects.

To create a slice using the shortcut menu

  1. Select the Selection Cc294744.959a05a6-5a4b-4b0e-98a3-fb628d2c03a2(en-us,Expression.30).png tool in the Toolbox.


    If you have trouble selecting objects that are already inside the blue bounding box of another slice, use the Direct Selection Cc294744.a4e92365-1fd6-473c-b727-1487d8a466c9(en-us,Expression.30).png tool, or hide the slice by clicking the Toggle Visibility Cc294744.3e342e41-0093-4150-afc9-309866723da0(en-us,Expression.30).png button under Slice Layer in the Layers panel.

  2. Select the object from which you want to create a slice, or select multiple objects by holding the SHIFT key.


    You have other ways that you can select objects. For example, if you want to select all the petals in a flower, you can select one petal, and then, on the Select menu, click Select By, select the property that all the petals share (such as the Fill property), and then click OK. All the objects on the artboard that share the same Fill will become selected. For more information, see Use Select menu commands.

  3. Right-click your selection and then click Create Slice from Selection in the shortcut menu that appears. Alternatively, you can select Create Slice from Selection on the Object menu (CTRL+SHIFT+K).


    In the Layers panel, a new layer appears under Slice Layer to represent the contents of your new slice, and a blue bounding box identifies your slice area on the artboard.

Delete a slice

Use the DELETE key to delete a slice. Do not use the Delete Layer Cc294744.37f821f4-af20-487e-8fe3-8f780ff24d73(en-us,Expression.30).png button, which deletes the currently selected layer of your artwork.

To delete a slice

  1. Under Slice Layers in the Layers panel, select a slice.

  2. Make sure that the slice is visible Cc294744.3e342e41-0093-4150-afc9-309866723da0(en-us,Expression.30).png and unlocked Cc294744.b553394b-65c8-4b76-8526-5fdfe68fb2c4(en-us,Expression.30).png. Otherwise, you will not be able to delete it. If a slice is hidden, click the Toggle Visibility Cc294744.a708a6c2-5a11-4137-b962-f33438ecf19a(en-us,Expression.30).png button. If the slice is locked, click the Toggle Lock Cc294744.bc1d5d9e-0048-4d04-8efe-c9b571f71a64(en-us,Expression.30).png button.

  3. Press the DELETE key.

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