Accessibility task pane

Use the Accessibility task pane to create accessibility reports for pages in your site. For more information about accessibility reports, see Accessibility reports.

Accessibility task pane buttons

Use this

To do this

Run Accessibility Checker button Cc294865.d16970f7-9fc1-445c-8349-8f53b2229cd3(en-us,Expression.10).bmp

Generate an accessibility report.

Next Result button Cc294865.be843d34-b38e-4baf-99f4-936fd197a147(en-us,Expression.10).bmp

Go to the next result.

Previous Result button Cc294865.cc965fdd-838a-45b2-979b-93b1baf9b3c5(en-us,Expression.10).bmp

Go to the previous result.

Refresh Changed Results button Cc294865.737c3956-3b69-427e-9b96-46ceee910b5e(en-us,Expression.10).gif

Refresh the report.

Show Problem Details button Cc294865.dbf28aea-3617-4e9a-835a-30d9d740d7e8(en-us,Expression.10).bmp

See more information about the result.

Generate HTML Report button Cc294865.1137c320-c33b-4e30-b32a-aa75f3ce3d28(en-us,Expression.10).bmp

Create a new HTML page containing the report results.

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