Style toolbar

The Style toolbar enables you to apply existing class or ID selectors, name new undefined classes or IDs, and remove a class or ID selector from content.

The drop-down boxes in the Style toolbar list all class and ID selectors that are contained in the internal cascading style sheets (CSS) and linked or imported external CSS of the current web page. You can apply a style to the current selection in your web page by selecting the style from the drop-down boxes in the toolbar. If the current selection in your web page uses a class or ID selector, the style appears in the associated box, otherwise the box appears blank.


The Apply Styles task pane provides all of the functionality of the Style toolbar and more. The Apply Styles task pane provides you with a visual representation of your style and shows you which styles are applied in the page and which are applied to the current selection. For more information, see Apply Styles task pane.

Style toolbar buttons

Use this

To do this

Class box

Apply a class to content, remove a class from content, or name and apply a new undefined class.

ID box

Apply a new or existing ID to the current selection, or remove an ID from content.

New Style button Cc295508.bab8e2db-5468-4e3d-bb82-944174f86b55(en-us,Expression.10).gif

Open the New Style dialog box. For more information, see New Style and Modify Style dialog boxes.

Attach Style Sheet button Cc295508.9ebc24f8-9801-436e-b19d-3d6da358ebe6(en-us,Expression.10).gif

Open the Attach Style Sheet dialog box, which enables you to link to or import an external CSS to the current web page or all pages in the current website.

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