Dynamic web templates overview

A Dynamic Web Template is an HTML-based master copy of a web page that you can create to contain settings, formatting, and page elements such as text, graphics, page layout, styles, and regions of a web page that can be modified. When you attach a Dynamic Web Template to the pages in a website, that template defines the layout for those pages. You can use any number of Dynamic Web Templates in a website, and you can attach a Dynamic Web Template to as many pages as you like.


To use Dynamic Web Templates, you need to first enable site management using metadata. For more information, see Add or remove metadata.

By using Dynamic Web Templates, you can create HTML pages that share the same layout. In addition to providing a shared layout, you can make some regions in a template available for editing while preventing changes to other regions in that template. This means that you can allow others to add and edit content, yet still preserve the layout of the pages and the template itself.

Because a Dynamic Web Template remains attached to the pages to which you have attached it, changes you make to the Dynamic Web Template are reflected in the pages. When you update the content in a Dynamic Web Template, you can update the attached web pages simultaneously.

If you choose to detach a Dynamic Web Template from your page, you do not lose any content in the page; however, any further changes you make to the Dynamic Web Template will not be reflected in your page.

Editable regions

Editable regions are those areas that you specify in the Dynamic Web Template as being okay for other writers to edit. When creating the Dynamic Web Template, you can enable other authors to add or remove event information in the regions you specify without having to worry that they will alter the page layout.

Editable region in Code view

<!-- #BeginEditable "Region1" --><p>(Region1)</p><!-- #EndEditable -->


In Design view, you can identify editable regions by the boxed areas on the page that include a tab with the name of each region.

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