Panel control

The Panel control provides a container control within an ASP.NET page that you can use as a parent for static text and for other controls.

To add a Panel control to a page

  1. Drag the Panel control from the Toolbox task pane to your page.

  2. Set properties for the control in the Tag Properties task pane.

Common Panel Properties




Specifies how the child controls are aligned within the panel (left, right, centered, or justified).


Specifies whether content that is too wide for the panel is wrapped to the next line or truncated at the panel's edge.


If you have set the Height and Width properties to constrain the Panel control to a specific size, you can add scrollbars by setting the ScrollBars property.


Renders a border and title around the Panel control. Setting GroupingText causes scrollbars not to appear, if you have specified them.

For a full description of all Panel control properties, see Panel Properties in the MSDN library.

For more information about the Panel control, see Panel Web Server Control Overview in the MSDN library.