Adding Deep Zoom images

You can add a Deep Zoom image to your page from a Deep Zoom collection or a Deep Zoom composition created in Deep Zoom Composer.


You can create Deep Zoom images with Deep Zoom Composer, which is a free download, available here Ee371292.xtlink_newWindow(en-us,Expression.40).png.

To add a Deep Zoom image to a page

  1. On the Insert menu, click Media, and then click Deep Zoom. Alternatively, you can drag a Deep Zoom icon from the Media category of the Toolbox panel.

    The Insert Deep Zoom dialog box is displayed.

  2. Locate the project folder for the Deep Zoom image you want to add, and then browse to the dzc_output.xml file for that image (<dzProjectFolder>\DeepZoomProjectWeb\ClientBin\GeneratedImages\dzc_output.xml). Select the Deep Zoom XML file, and then click Open.

  3. In the Insert Method category, choose one of the following options:

    • Choose Autodetect to insert JavaScript that will detect if the user's browser can display Silverlight. If it can't, the Seadragon Ajax Deep Zoom image will be displayed.

    • Choose Silverlight only to insert only the Silverlight Deep Zoom image.

    • Choose Seadragon Ajax only to insert only the Seadragon Ajax Deep Zoom image.


      A Seadragon Ajax Deep Zoom image can display a Deep Zoom Composition but can't display a Deep Zoom Collection.

  4. Choose the display dimensions of the Deep Zoom image.

  5. Move the Zoom Speed slider to determine how quickly the Deep Zoom image zooms in and out in response to the button controls or the mouse wheel.

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