Timeline and transport controls

The following elements appear underneath the Timeline. They control video placement, playback, and Timeline display.

The Timeline, viewing, and transport controls

Timeline and transport controls


Media viewing area   View your video content in this area.


Timeline   View the locations of markers, playback, thumbnails, scripting commands, leading and trailing videos, and edit points.


Timeline viewing buttons   Use these controls to quickly zoom in toward or out from the Timeline and to view edited segments.


Insert a media item at the beginning of the Timeline   Click this button to add media to the beginning of the current clip.


Enter A/B Compare mode   Click this button to display the A/B Compare workspace and tools.


Playback controls   Monitor duration and control playhead location.


Editing buttons   Use these buttons to create and remove edit points, and to remove clipped segments from the Timeline.


Add Source at End button   Click this button to add media to the end of the current clip.

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