Turn the page grid on or off

When trying to position objects exactly on your page, it is often helpful to see a grid of lines, similar to graph paper.

A document that is displaying the page grid

A view of the grid.

To display a grid

  • On the View menu, point to Show, and then click Grid (or press CTRL+APOSTROPHE [']).

Remove the grid by selecting this command again.

By default, objects snap to the grid when it is visible.

To disable Snap to Grid

  • On the View menu, click Snap to Grid or press CTRL+SHIFT+APOSTROPHE (').

Enable Snap to Grid by selecting this command again.

Note that the page grid is always drawn upright (vertically and horizontally relative to the screen), even when you rotate the document view. Adjust the spacing of the gridlines, in the Options dialog box, in the Units and Grids panel, in the Grid size field.

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