Set IntelliSense options for CSS

Microsoft Expression Web provides you with a variety of different options that affect how IntelliSense functions while you work in the Code view of a web page or an external cascading style sheet (CSS). You can disable hyperlinks from references to class selectors, disable pop-up lists that let you auto-insert code in your CSS, and prevent IntelliSense from automatically inserting the closing curly brace after you start a new declaration block in CSS.

In addition, if you want IntelliSense to display a different level of CSS in the IntelliSense pop-up lists, such as when you're targeting a particular browser that only supports a particular level of CSS, you can change the schema version. You can set the schema version to CSS level 1, 2, 2.1 (the default setting in Expression Web), or CSS IE6, which restricts IntelliSense to utilize only CSS level 1, Internet Explorer 6 extensions to CSS, and CSS level 2 custom cursors.


If a property is not supported by the CSS schema that is selected in the Authoring tab of the Page Editor Options dialog box, the list of values for that property appears blank in the New Style and Modify Style dialog boxes and the property is not listed in the CSS Properties panel.

To set IntelliSense options for CSS

  1. On the Tools menu, click Page Editor Options.

  2. In the Page Editor Options dialog box, on the IntelliSense tab, select or clear any of the following options:

    • Under Auto Popup, CSS statement completion displays pop-up lists that enable you to automatically insert an item you select from the pop-up list.

    • Under Auto Insert, CSS selector closing brace automatically inserts the right curly brace (}) that ends a style's declaration-block after you've typed the left curly brace ({) that starts a style's declaration-block.

    • Under Code Hyperlinks, if both Enable Code Hyperlinks for the following elements and CSS classes are selected, you can jump to the rule set of a class selector in its originating CSS by holding down the CTRL key and clicking the reference.

To set the CSS schema version for IntelliSense

  1. On the Tools menu, click Page Editor Options.

  2. In the Page Editor Options dialog box, on the Authoring tab, in the CSS Schema section, select an option from the Schema version pop-up list.


    The right-most value in the status bar at the bottom of the program window shows the current CSS schema setting. You can double-click the value in the status bar to open the Page Editor Options dialog box and display the Authoring tab. For more information, see Status bar.

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