Picture properties

The Picture Properties dialog box gives you access to the most commonly-used picture attributes.

To set picture properties

  1. In your web page, do one of the following.

    • In Design view only, double-click the picture.

    • Click the picture you want to set, and then on the Format menu, click Properties.

    • Right-click the picture, and then, in Design view, click Picture Properties, or in Code view click Tag Properties.

  2. In the Picture Properties dialog box, on the General tab, do the following:

    Use this To do this

    Alternate Text

    Type the text you want to display for pictures when the graphic is downloading, when it can't be found, or when a site visitor moves the pointer over it.

    Long Description

    Click Browse to select a file that contains a longer description of the picture.


    Add a hyperlink to the picture or modify an existing hyperlink. For more information, see Create or modify a hyperlink.

  3. On the Appearance tab, do the following:

    Use this To do this

    Wrapping Style

    Specify how the picture floats in the page.


    Specify how you want the picture to be aligned on the page.

    Border thickness

    Set the border thickness in pixels for the picture. For information about setting additional border properties, see Set border, padding, and background properties.

    Horizontal margin

    Set the left and right margin width in pixels.

    Vertical margin

    Set the top and bottom margin width in pixels.

    Specify size

    Do the following:

    • To maintain the original proportions of the image, select Keep aspect ratio.

    • Under Width and Height, select either pixel or percent units, and then in the Width and Height boxes, specify the size in the unit you selected.

    For more information, see Set the size of a picture.

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