The CatalogZone control hosts one or more CatalogPart controls, each of which provides a list or catalog of controls that users can add to a page.

A catalog is simply a list of one or more available web server controls (including Web Part controls, ASP.NET server controls, and custom or user controls) that users can add to a web page. A catalog has a number of common characteristics, including instruction text for end users; text to describe each server control; helper controls to select the server controls and add them to the page; a common header, footer, and border; and a number of style attributes.

A CatalogZone control becomes visible only when a user switches a web page to catalog display mode (CatalogDisplayMode). A catalog can contain several types of CatalogPart controls. Each CatalogPart control is a type of container that contains the server controls users can add to the page. The CatalogPart controls differ according to where the server controls they contain are coming from. The following table summarizes the CatalogPart controls provided with the Web Parts control set and, for each control, what kind of server controls it contains.

Catalog Part controls

Control Description


Maintains references to controls that have been closed on a page. These controls can be reopened (added back to the page) by users.


Contains references to controls that are declared in a Web Parts catalog in the markup of a web page. These controls can be added to a web page by users.


Provides the UI for a user to upload a definition file (an XML file with a .WebPart extension and a specified format that contains state information) for a control to a catalog, so that the control can be added to a web page.

Every page to which you add a CatalogZonecontrol must also have a WebPartManagercontrol. For more information see WebPartManager.

To add a CatalogZone control to a page

  • Drag the CatalogZonecontrol from the Toolbox panel to your page.

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