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Is used to specify the main VC1 video profile.

The following tables list the members exposed by the MainVC1VideoProfile type.

Public Constructors

  Name Description
MainVC1VideoProfile Initializes a new instance of the MainVC1VideoProfile class.


Public Properties

  Name Description
public property ActualAspectRatio  Gets the actual aspect ratio of the video profile. Note that if you're using square pixels (when AutoFit equals true), the actual aspect ratio may be slightly different than the aspect ratio that is passed to the SetAspectRatio method, because the video frame dimensions are rounded to the nearest 4 or 16 pixels.  (Inherited from VideoProfile)
public property AdaptiveDeadZone  Gets or sets the adaptive dead zone setting.  (Inherited from SimpleVC1VideoProfile)
public property AdaptiveGop  Gets or sets a value indicating whether adaptive GOP behavior is used. When you specify true, the encoder resets the GOP at each key frame. When you specify false, the encoder maintains a regular key frame cadence, but the encoder may still insert extra scene-change key frames.  (Inherited from SimpleVC1VideoProfile)
public property AspectRatio  Gets or sets the aspect ratio used to encode the profile. If set to null, the aspect ratio is controlled by the width and height of the stream.  (Inherited from VideoProfile)
public property AutoFit  Gets or set a value indicating whether the output resolution is calculated by fitting the source media item within the profile's size. For example, if AutoFit is set to true and the profile is set to 320 x 240 with an aspect ratio of 16:9, the output size will be 320 x 180. If AutoFit is set to false, the output size will be 320 x 240 and the video will be encoded with non-square pixels.  (Inherited from VideoProfile)
public property BFrameCount Gets or sets the number of B-frames between key frames.
public property Bitrate  Gets or sets the bitrate to use when encoding.  (Inherited from VideoProfile)
public property ClosedGop  Gets or sets a value indicating whether open or closed GOPs are used. A closed GOP does not contain frames that depend on adjacent GOPs.  (Inherited from SimpleVC1VideoProfile)
public property Codec  Gets the codec type.  (Inherited from SimpleVC1VideoProfile)
public property Complexity  Gets or sets the complexity level. The range is Fastest to Best. A value of Fastest offers the best performance. A value of Best offers the best quality. Recommendation: For offline encoding, use Normal for a good balance of quality and encoding speed. Lower values produce much lower quality and higher values may result in much longer encoding time with only small improvements in quality. For live encoding, use the highest value that does not drop frames.  (Inherited from VC1VideoProfile)
public property DenoiseFilter  Gets or sets a value indicating whether denoise filtering is turned on. The denoise filter is a noise-reduction filter. It can improve the quality of noisy video sources, such as film containing visible grain or video that contains noise as a result of low-light conditions.  (Inherited from SimpleVC1VideoProfile)
public property DifferentialQuantization Gets or sets the DifferentialQuantization value for the VideoProfile. Differential quantization (DifferentialQuantization) is a form of perceptual optimization where the amount of compression is varied on different parts of the frame. DifferentialQuantization enables macro blocks containing smooth or dark areas to be encoded at a quantizer level lower than the rest of the image, yielding more accurate encoding of details in those macro blocks.
public property Force16Pixels  Gets a value indicating whether auto-calculated dimensions are rounded to 16 pixels (true), or 4 pixels (false).  (Inherited from VideoProfile)
public property FrameRate  Gets or sets the frame rate in frames per second. Zero (0) means that frame rate of the source file will be used.  (Inherited from VideoProfile)
public property InLoopFilter Gets or sets a value indicating whether in-loop filtering is turned on. The in-loop filter reduces blocking artifacts during encoding to improve the quality of P-frames and B-frames.
public property IsEditable  Gets a value indicating whether the profile can be modified.  (Inherited from ProfileBase)
public property KeyFrameDistance  Gets or sets the key frame distance in seconds.  (Inherited from SimpleVC1VideoProfile)
public property MotionChromaSearch  Gets or sets the motion chroma search level, which controls whether and how color is used in motion searches.  (Inherited from SimpleVC1VideoProfile)
public property MotionMatchMethod  Gets or sets the motion match method. SAD provides the best performance. Hadamard provides the best quality. Macroblock adaptive configures the codec to make decisions about which method to use on each macroblock.  (Inherited from SimpleVC1VideoProfile)
public property MotionSearchRange Gets or sets the motion search range, which controls the size of the area the codec will search for an element of a frame that may have moved since a previous frame. Larger search ranges can better detect fast motion, but require more processing time.
public property MotionVectorCost  Gets or sets a value used to specify the method used by the codec to estimate the amount of processing required for motion vector coding. The codec uses the cost to determine which features will be used in encoding.  (Inherited from SimpleVC1VideoProfile)
public property NoiseEdgeRemovalFilter  Gets or sets a value indicating whether noise edge filtering is turned on. The noise edge removal filter detects noise in frame edges and removes it. The noise edge detection only works only for frame edges that contain three or fewer lines of noise. The filter copies lines adjacent to the noisy lines to complete the frame.  (Inherited from SimpleVC1VideoProfile)
public property NumberOfEncoderThreads  Gets or sets the number of threads used by the encoder. Defaults to 0 to allow the encoder to choose a value based on the video and the number of logical processors available.  (Inherited from VideoProfile)
public property OverlapSmoothingFilter  Gets or sets a value indicating whether overlap-smoothing filtering is turned on. The overlap-smoothing filter helps reduce blocking artifacts by smoothing the borders between adjacent macroblocks. This tends to make the image appear softer, but can improve the appearance of low bitrate video that contains many blocking artifacts.  (Inherited from SimpleVC1VideoProfile)
public property SeparateFilesPerStream  Gets a value indicating whether a separate file is created for each stream.  (Inherited from VideoProfile)
public property Size  Gets or sets the size of the video profile.  (Inherited from VideoProfile)
public property SmoothStreaming  Gets or sets a value indicating whether the profile uses Smooth Streaming. Note that if you're using VC-1, setting this property to true will cause the following properties to be set as follows. ClosedGop to true, AdaptiveGop to false, and OutputMode to ElementaryStreamSequenceHeader. When using Smooth Streaming, the bitrate of each stream must either be all ConstantBitrate or all VariableConstrainedBitrate. When using H264, setting this property to true will cause SceneChangeDetector to be set to false.  (Inherited from SimpleVC1VideoProfile)
public property StreamCopyOnly  Gets a value indicating whether this profile supports only stream copying. This can happen if the decoder is installed but the encoder is not installed.  (Inherited from ProfileBase)
public property Streams  Gets or sets the collection of streams.  (Inherited from VideoProfile)
public property XmlDescription  Gets the XML description of the profile if the profile was initialized from an XML profile string.  (Inherited from ProfileBase)


Public Methods

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public method Clone Overridden. Makes a deep copy of the video profile object.
public method Equals  Overloaded. (Inherited from Object )
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public method SetAspectRatio  (Inherited from VideoProfile )
public method ToString  (Inherited from Object )


Protected Methods

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protected method Finalize  (Inherited from Object )
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Public Events

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public event PropertyChanged  Occurs when a property value changes.  (Inherited from EncoderObject)


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