Microsoft.Expression.Encoder.Plugins.Templates Namespace


Class Description
DefaultTemplateParameterUI Class that can be used in the XAML of a template that will cause all the template parameters to show up.
PublishedCaptionFile The class that represents a published caption file.
PublishedItem Holds information about the published output of an item.
PublishedMarker Holds information about a published marker.
PublishedMarkerCollection A collection of published markers.
TemplateParameterDictionary Allows setting and getting of template parameters.
TemplateParameterProperties Base class that does a run-time merge of the template parameters in the template and those exposed by the plug-in.
TemplateParameterPropertiesTypeAttribute Used to specify what the data type is.
TemplatePlugin Base template plug-in class.
TemplateUIAttribute Attributes set on a DataModel property to have the property shown in the default UI.

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