Set Audio options for Screen Capture

The options on the Audio tab determine audio recording and playback sources, recording format, and bit-rate settings.

To set Audio options for screen capture

  1. On the Microsoft Expression Encoder Screen Capture main window, click Edit Options Edit Options button..

  2. Click the Audio tab.

  3. Set the Audio options according to the following descriptions:

    • Select audio source   Specifies the devices that you are using to record audio. Select one or more sources. The green bars next to each source measure the input level of the audio from that source.

    • Format   Specifies the number of channels, bit depth, and sample rate that you want the audio to have.

    • Bitrate   Specifies the bit rate for the audio. Depending on the Format value that you set, Screen Capture restricts your menu choices for Bitrate value to those that are optimal for the Format.

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