Keywords guidelines for SEO

Each page should have a single, unique <meta name="keywords"> tag that accurately reflects the contents of the page.


Search engines use the <meta name="keywords"> tag to identify keywords relevant to the contents of a page.

Use a descriptive and representative keyword phrase that people might search for in the <meta name="keywords"> tag, and that accurately describes the information that will be provided on the page.

In a keywords declaration, the comma character (,) delineates terms. Any word or phrase between two commas, or between a comma and a quotation mark ("), is considered a single term.


The <meta name="keywords"> tag should be defined in the <head> tag section of the page, after the <title> and <meta name="description"> tags.

Review each <meta name="keywords"> tag in the site to make sure that it accurately describes the page that contains it.

Check each <meta name="keywords"> tag for the following:

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