Publish feedback for a prototype to a SharePoint site

Applies to Silverlight SketchFlow projects

You and your reviewers can provide feedback for a Microsoft Expression Blend Silverlight SketchFlow project directly in the SketchFlow Player at any time, and then publish the feedback to a Microsoft SharePoint site. You can also show or hide feedback for easier viewing of the prototype.

For more information about leaving feedback in the SketchFlow Player, see Leave feedback for a prototype.

Feedback is saved automatically. You can leave both text and ink feedback on each screen throughout the prototype. When you have finished leaving feedback, you can publish the feedback to a SharePoint site. After the feedback has been published, other reviewers can view your feedback in the SketchFlow Player, and designers can import the feedback from the SharePoint site and then view it on the Microsoft Expression Blend design surface.

If you leave feedback for multiple revisions of the same prototype as part of the review process, Expression Blend adds the revision number to the feedback. When you view your published feedback in the SketchFlow player, you can see which revision of the prototype the feedback applies to.

You can also show or hide annotations that were left in the prototype during the design process.


The reviewer must have permission to write to the SharePoint site in order to publish feedback to the document library.

For more information about the Annotations feature, see Annotate a document.

To upload feedback from the SketchFlow Player to a SharePoint site

  1. In the SketchFlow Player panel, click Show Feedback options Ff723984.6549aaf7-df3a-4cd9-ba41-5fc9965bd159(en-us,Expression.40).png, and then click Upload to SharePoint.

  2. In the Feedback Author Information dialog box, add the author's name and initials, and then click OK. Your feedback is published to the Feedback folder in your project folder on the SharePoint site.

After your feedback has been published to the SharePoint site, both you and other reviewers can view your feedback in the SketchFlow player by clicking ****Refresh ****Refresh button in the Shared panel.

SketchFlow Player Shared Feedback panel

Multiple reviewers can upload their feedback to the SharePoint site, and all the feedback that has been left for a prototype can be viewed in the SketchFlow player.

The feedback is also ready to be shared with the designer in Expression Blend, who can view the feedback directly in the prototype by clicking Refresh in the SketchFlow Feedback panel in Expression Blend. For more information, see Leave feedback for a prototype.

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