ScreenCapture sample

You can use the ScreenCapture sample to perform a simple screen capture. When you run this sample, you will capture the entire screen; by default, the pointer will not be visible in the capture. You can modify the code to capture the pointer, and also to define a smaller capture area. To include the pointer, make sure that the CaptureMousePointer value is set to "true," as in the following example.

job.CaptureMouseCursor = true;

To perform a screen capture using the ScreenCapture sample

  1. Build the ScreenCapture.csproj and run ScreenCapture.exe.

  2. When you are ready to capture your screen, click Record The Record button.. The application records and encodes any action that you perform on the screen.

  3. To end the capture, click Stop The Stop button.. The ScreenCapture application saves the encoded capture in the C:\output\ScreenCap folder.

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