Getting started

You can use the Microsoft Expression Web Software Development Kit (SDK) to extend the capabilities of Expression Web. In addition to the managed code Application Programming Interface (API), Expression Web introduces a JavaScript API and a JavaScript bridge to the managed code API.

Programming reference topics are provided for both managed code and JavaScript. Additional content may be available at the following locations:

Getting started with the SDK

Start learning about the Expression Web SDK by reading the following topics:

Helpful things to know when you read topics

  • In the Programming reference section, you can collapse all the sections in a topic to view a list of headings by clicking the Collapse All link at the top of the topic.

  • To show or hide different languages for code samples in a topic, select or clear the check boxes in the Language Filter drop-down list at the top of the topic.

  • To print a topic, click inside the topic window, and then press CTRL+P.

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