Microsoft.Expression.Media.Effects Namespace


Class Description
BlindsTransitionEffect Transition shader that simulates blinds opening when transitioning from one visual to another.
BloomEffect Effect that implements a bloom illumination of a visual.
CircleRevealTransitionEffect Transition effect that reveals two visuals through a growing/shrinking circle.
CloudRevealTransitionEffect Transition effect that transitions two visuals using a cloud texture as the sampler threshold.
CloudyTransitionEffect Defines a transition shader effect that uses an image as a sampler threshold for interpolating pixel value between two visuals.
ColorToneEffect Effect that modifies the color tone of a visual using two colors as the sampling.
EmbossedEffect Effect that simulates an embossed look for the visual.
FadeTransitionEffect Transition effect that gradually transitions from one visual to another.
MagnifyEffect Effect that simulates a magnifying lens.
MonochromeEffect Effect that turns a visual into a monochrome color.
PixelateEffect Effect that pixelates a visual.
PixelateTransitionEffect Transition effect that increases or decreases pixelation between two visuals.
RadialBlurTransitionEffect Transition effect that performs a radial blur of the current visual as the new visual is introduced.
RandomizedTransitionEffect Defines a transition shader effect that provides a random value, allowing the effect to provide variance each time the effect is run.
RippleEffect Effect that simulates water ripples on the visual.
RippleTransitionEffect Transition effect that simulates water ripple during transition.
SharpenEffect Effect that makes a visual crisper and sharper.
SlideInTransitionEffect Transition effect that slides the current visual away, revealing the new visual.
SmoothSwirlGridTransitionEffect Transition effect that swirls the current visual while introducing the new visual.
SwirlEffect Effect that swirls the current visual.
TransitionEffect Defines a transition effect shader that transitions from one visual to another visual using an interpolated value between 0 and 1.
WaveTransitionEffect Transition effect that waves the current visual while introducing the new visual.
WipeTransitionEffect Transition effect that wipes the current visual while introducing the new visual.


Enumeration Description
BlindOrientation Determine the orientation of the blinds.
SlideDirection Defines the slide orientation.
WipeDirection Define the wipe direction.