TreeSearchVariableSelection Enumeration

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Defines a heuristic for variable selection in constraint satisfaction programming (CSP).

Namespace:  Microsoft.SolverFoundation.Services
Assembly:  Microsoft.Solver.Foundation (in Microsoft.Solver.Foundation.dll)


Public Enumeration TreeSearchVariableSelection
public enum TreeSearchVariableSelection
public enum class TreeSearchVariableSelection
type TreeSearchVariableSelection
public enum TreeSearchVariableSelection


Member name Description
Default A heuristic for variable selection that is chosen by the solver.
MinimalDomainFirst Enumeration that chooses a variable that has the smallest domain.
DeclarationOrder Enumeration following the declaration order of the variables.
DynamicWeighting Enumeration that weighs variables dynamically based on dependents and current domain sizes.
ConflictDriven Enumeration based on conflict analysis following a variant of the Variable State Independent Decaying Sum (VSIDS) heuristic.
ImpactPrediction Enumeration based on a forecast of the impact of a decision.
DomainOverWeightedDegree Enumeration based on the domain over weighted degree.

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