Label Dialog Box (Visual FoxPro)

Displays the results of the query in an existing label. This dialog box appears on the Miscellaneous tab of the Query Designer and is available for queries only.


You must have previously set up the label file (.lbx) to accommodate the columns of output in the query. For more information, see Working with Reports.

  • Open Label
    Displays the Open dialog box for you to select a label file to use for your query. You can click the button or type a file name in the text box.
  • Wizard Icon
    Displays the Label Wizard.
  • Page Preview
    Displays the output in the Page Preview window.
  • Console On
    Displays the output in the active output window.

Secondary Output

  • None
    Specifies that the output not be sent to the printer or saved as a text file.
  • To Printer
    Sends the results of the query to the printer.
  • To Text File
    Saves the results of the query as a text file. Click the button to select an existing file that you want to overwrite, or type the name of a new file in the text box.

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