Visual FoxPro comes with numerous code samples that you can use for experimenting and becoming acquainted with features.

See the Microsoft Visual FoxPro 7.0\Samples folder for additional samples. This folder contains samples you can use to learn about using APIs, COM+ services, and data access.

In This Section

  • Solutions Samples
    The Solutions sample contains many examples of useful things you can do using Microsoft Visual FoxPro.
  • Sample Class Libraries
    The Microsoft Visual FoxPro sample class library provides encapsulated functionality that you can add to your applications easily.
  • Tasmanian Traders Sample
    The Tasmanian Traders sample is an example of an integrated Microsoft Visual FoxPro application. The application is an order entry system for a fictional import and export company that sells specialty foods from around the world.
  • Client/Server Sample
    The Client/Server sample illustrates some of the features that make Microsoft Visual FoxPro an ideal front-end development tool for client/server applications.
  • FoxISAPI Automation Server Samples
    Visual FoxPro includes an ISAPI extension called Foxisapi.dll that creates an instance of a Visual FoxPro automation server and then calls a method on that server that returns HTML. The FoxISAPI extension makes it possible for you to access Visual FoxPro custom Automation servers from any ISAPI supported Web server, such as Microsoft Internet Information Server and Microsoft Personal Web Server.
  • Gopher Automation Server Sample
    This example simulates a smart search business object, which locates a customer that might be contained in one of many different databases. This makes it possible for you to use Visual FoxPro in a three-tiered model where user services are not tightly bound to data services, as is the case in many of today's client-server environments.
  • Pool Manager: An Automation Server Sample
    In this example, job processing can be handled by a remote computer. This makes it possible for you to continue working, because other resources handle all the work.
  • COM+ Samples
    Samples for using Queued Components, COM+ Events, and Compensation Resource Managers are located in the ..\Samples\COM+ folder. For more information, see the Readme.htm file in the folder.
  • Getting Started with Visual FoxPro
    Microsoft Visual FoxPro is the object-oriented database management system that makes it possible for you to create state-of-the-art enterprise database solutions.
  • Developing Visual FoxPro Applications
    This section includes conceptual information about how to develop Visual FoxPro applications, instructions for creating databases and the user interface, and other tasks needed to create Visual FoxPro applications.
  • Programming in Visual FoxPro
    Visual FoxPro is a powerful interactive data management tool, but you also can access the full power of Visual FoxPro by creating applications. Understanding object-oriented programming techniques and the event-driven model can maximize your programming productivity.
  • Reference
    The Microsoft Visual FoxPro reference includes topics on productivity tools, as well as the controls, objects, properties, methods, events, statements, functions, and constants available.
  • Utility Programs
    These tools are provided with Visual FoxPro to help speed the process of application development.