Code Pages Supported by Visual FoxPro

A code page is a set of characters specific to a language or hardware platform. Accented characters are not represented by the same values across platforms and code pages. In addition, some characters available in one code page are not available in another.

Code page Platform Code page identifier
437 U.S. MS-DOS x01
620 * Mazovia (Polish) MS-DOS x69
737 * Greek MS-DOS (437G) x6A
850 International MS-DOS x02
852 Eastern European MS-DOS x64
857 Turkish MS-DOS x6B
861 Icelandic MS-DOS x67
865 Nordic MS-DOS x66
866 Russian MS-DOS x65
874 Thai Windows x7C
895 * Kamenicky (Czech) MS-DOS x68
932 Japanese Windows x7B
936 Chinese (PRC, Singapore) Windows x7A
949 Korean Windows x79
950 Chinese (Hong Kong SAR, Taiwan) Windows x78
1250 Eastern European Windows xC8
1251 Russian Windows xC9
1252 Windows ANSI x03
1253 Greek Windows xCB
1254 Turkish Windows xCA
1255 Hebrew Windows x7D
1256 Arabic Windows x7E
10000 Standard Macintosh x04
10006 Greek Macintosh x98
10007 * Russian Macintosh x96
10029 Macintosh EE x97

* Not detected when you include CODEPAGE=AUTO in your configuration file.

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