PageFrame Control

Creates a page frame to contain pages.



A page frame is a container object that contains pages. Pages, in turn, can contain controls. Note that for a page frame to be visible, it must be added to a form.

The page frame defines global characteristics of the page: size and positioning, borderstyle, which page is active, and so on.

The page frame determines the location of the pages and how much of each page is visible. Pages are positioned at the top left corner of the page frame. If the page frame is moved, the pages move with the page frame.

A page frame contains the individual pages, which by default are named Page1, Page2, Page3, and so on.

Note that only the active page is refreshed when the Refresh method occurs for the Form on which the page is located.

For additional information about creating pages and page frames, see "Adding Page Frames to a Form" in Extending Forms.

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