Tasmanian Traders Sample

The Tasmanian Traders sample is an example of an integrated Visual FoxPro application. The application is an order entry system for a fictional import and export company that sells specialty foods from around the world.

Tasmanian Traders provides order entry functionality, making it possible for users to:

  • Create new orders.
  • Add items to orders directly.
  • Select items from previous orders.
  • Calculate line item extensions, subtotals, and order totals adjusted for discounts and freight.

The application also illustrates user-level security by requiring users to log onto the application before seeing or editing data.

Each step in the development of the Tasmanian Traders application has been documented as follows:

  • Creating the Specification

  • Designing the Database

    Creating Table Structures and RelationshipsSecurityData IntegrityDatabase MaintenanceComments about Creating the Database

  • Designing and Creating Classes

    Application-Level FunctionalityForm-Level FunctionalityControl-Level FunctionalityComments about the Classes

  • Writing, Testing, and Debugging the Application Code

    FormsReportsMenus and ToolbarsError HandlingDebuggingThe Main ProgramComments About the Code

To run Tasmanian Traders

  • Enter the following line of code in the Command window:

    DO (HOME(2) + 'tastrade\tastrade')


  1. From the Program menu, choose Do.
  2. Choose the \Samples\Tastrade folder.
  3. Double-click Tastrade.app.

To open the project for the Tasmanian Traders application in the Project Manager

  • Type the following in the Command window:

    MODIFY PROJECT (HOME(2) + 'tastrade\tastrade')

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