CompareMemo Property

Specifies whether memo fields of type Memo, General, or Picture are included in the WHERE clause when using automatic updating. When working with this property for regular cursors, use the CURSORSETPROP() and CURSORGETPROP() functions. Read/write.

Note   Setting CompareMemo for a CursorAdapter object overrides the property setting of a cursor when attached to a CursorAdapter object. That is, changing the settings on the cursor using CURSORSETPROP() has no effect.

CursorAdapter.CompareMemo [= lValue]

Property Values

  • lValue
    Logical data type. The following table lists the values for lValue.
    lValue Description
    True (.T.) Includes memo fields in the WHERE clause.
    True (.F.) Does not include memo fields in the WHERE clause.

See Also

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Applies To: CursorAdapter Class