Task Pane Manager

The Task Pane Manager displays areas that contain information and expose essential tasks for easy use. Individual panes can contain static or dynamic information, gather content from the Internet, expose wizards to accomplish routine tasks, display Help, and present samples. Users can create customized panes that can be shared with other users.

The Task Pane Manager can be accessed on the Tools menu in the main Visual FoxPro screen.

  • Start
    Contains sections that display information on Visual FoxPro, list user-selected tools, and list recently opened projects and databases.
  • Community
    Contains information on the Visual FoxPro community. This pane is created using dynamic Internet-based content.
  • Environment Manager
    Specify Visual FoxPro environment settings, and associate them with individual projects.
  • Solution Samples
    Displays solution samples created in Visual FoxPro. Additional solution samples can be installed by using the Install Sample option.
  • XML Web Services
    Aids users in using, publishing, and managing XML Web services. Also includes links to useful resources on XML Web services.
  • Filer
    Specify search criteria to locate files.
  • Refresh
    Reloads the content for the pane that is currently displayed. If this content contains dynamic Internet-based information, the content is downloaded as specified in the Task Pane Options dialog box.
  • Options
    Displays the Task Pane Options dialog box where you can set options for the Task Pane or for individual panes.

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