Stretch Property

Specifies how an image is sized to fit inside a control. Available at design time and run time.

 [Form.]Control.Stretch[= nType]

Property Values

  • nType
    The settings for the Stretch property are as follows.
    Setting Description
    0    (Default) Clip. The image is clipped to fit the control.
    1    Isometric. The image resizes to fit the control while maintaining its original proportions.
    2    Stretch. The image resizes to fit the control, but does not maintain its original proportions.


You must set the Picture Property of the object before setting Stretch, or the Stretch setting will be ignored.


CREATE FORM myForm nowait
this1.picture= HOME()+"\graphics\bitmaps\assorted\beanie.bmp"
this1.height = 50
this1.width = 50

See Also

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Applies To: Image | OLE Bound Control | OLE Container Control