EditorOptions Property

This application object property specifies the Visual FoxPro Editor options to be enabled.

_VFP.EditorOptions [= cOptionString]

Property Values

  • cOptionString
    Specifies a character string consisting of one or more letters that represent options to enable or disable. The following table describes valid values for cOptionString:

    Editor option cOptionString Default Runtime
    List Members l Off No
    Quick Info q Off No
    Auto List Members L On No
    Auto Quick Info Q On No
    Enable Hyperlinks (CTRL + Click to follow the link) K On Yes
    Enable Hyperlinks (Click to follow the link) k Off Yes
    DragDrop Between Words W Off No
    Designer Value Tips T On No

    Note   You cannot use the uppercase and lowercase settings of the same letter together in the same cOptionString.

    Designer Value Tips ("T") are information tips associated with items in lists and drop-down controls. These include the following:

    • Fields in data source lists (tables and views) in Database, View and Form (Data Environment) designers
    • Methods and events in Form and Class Designer method editor procedure drop-down controls


By default, Visual FoxPro enables Auto IntelliSense. To disable automatic activation while maintaining IntelliSense functionality through keyboard shortcuts or menu items, use lowercase instead of uppercase as in the following example:

_VFP.EditorOptions = "lq"   && Disables Auto IntelliSense. 
_VFP.EditorOptions = "LQ"    && Enables Auto IntelliSense

You can disable all IntelliSense functionality by setting EditorOptions to the empty string (""). The default settings are "LQKT".

See Also

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Applies To: Application Object | _VFP System Variable