Visual FoxPro Run-Time Libraries

Visual FoxPro ships with two separate run-time libraries:

Runtime Library Description
VFP8R.DLL Normal run time for most application types.
VFP8T.DLL Special multithreaded run time for highly scalable in-process server applications such as those created for use with Microsoft Transaction Server.

When you use the Project Manager Build Options dialog box, the build action you choose determines which run time is used by the generated application or server. Only .dll servers can use the vfp8t.dll run time. The Project.Build method also makes it possible for you to choose which run time is used.

The compiled source (such as an .exe, or .dll file) is marked internally to identify which run time to use when invoked. The only way to change which run time a server uses is by rebuilding it. Your server can determine at run time which run-time library it is using through the read-only Application.StartMode property. You need to know which run-time library is associated with your .dll server so that you can choose the right run time to include in the setup .

Note   As with all Visual FoxPro run-time files, these files are installed in the <program files>\Common Files\Microsoft Shared\VFP folder. Both run times share the same resource file (such as vfp8renu.dll).

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