Data Environment Designer

Use the Data Environment Designer to visually create and modify the data environment of forms, form sets, and reports. When the DataEnvironmentDesigner window is active, Visual FoxPro displays the Data Environment menu, which makes it possible for you to manipulate data environment objects. To display the Properties window and Code window, right-click to display the Data Environment shortcut menu, and then select Properties and Code.

A data environment defines the source for the data used in a form or report. This can include tables, views, and relationships. The data environment is saved with the form or report and can be modified whenever you are using the Report Designer or FormDesigner.

When the data environment of a form or report is defined, Visual FoxPro automatically opens the tables or views when you open or run the file and closes them when the file is closed or released.

  • For forms, Visual FoxPro populates the ControlSource property list in the Properties window with all the fields in your data environment.
  • For reports, Visual FoxPro populates the data set your report needs based on associated tables and views.
  • For more information about using the Data Environment Designer with forms, see Creating Forms.

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