Developing in Teams

You can create complex applications quickly by combining the skills of a team of developers. However, team development requires some extra coordination to keep the development effort working smoothly. One strategy is to use source control software, such as Microsoft Visual SourceSafe, to manage the files in a project.

This section provides strategies that you can follow to make team development successful. It assumes that you're already familiar with creating a Visual FoxPro application, as discussed in other sections.

In This Section

  • Creating Enterprise Solutions
    By taking advantage of features in Visual FoxPro, you can extend your development efforts to create complex, multifaceted applications.
  • Visual FoxPro Enterprise Solutions
    In addition to creating your applications entirely in Visual FoxPro, you can extend Visual FoxPro by using it as a front end for other data sources, and you can use it as a data source for other Microsoft Windows programs. You also can use Visual FoxPro in other innovative ways, such as a search engine for the World Wide Web or as a data-warehousing tool.