SolverContext.FindAllowedValues Method (IEnumerable<DecisionBinding>, Func, Void)

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Finds all allowed values for a set of decisions.

Namespace:  Microsoft.SolverFoundation.Services
Assembly:  Microsoft.Solver.Foundation (in Microsoft.Solver.Foundation.dll)


Public Sub FindAllowedValues ( _
    decisions As IEnumerable(Of DecisionBinding), _
    queryAbort As Func, _
    ParamArray directives As Void _
public void FindAllowedValues(
    IEnumerable<DecisionBinding> decisions,
    Func queryAbort,
    params void directives
void FindAllowedValues(
    IEnumerable<DecisionBinding^>^ decisions, 
    Func^ queryAbort, 
    ... void directives
member FindAllowedValues : 
        decisions:IEnumerable<DecisionBinding> * 
        queryAbort:Func * 
        directives:unit -> unit 
public function FindAllowedValues(
    decisions : IEnumerable<DecisionBinding>, 
    queryAbort : Func, 
    ... directives : Void


  • queryAbort
    Type: System.Func<TResult>
    A function that is called periodically during the computation to determine whether the user canceled the operation.
  • directives
    Type: System.Void
    A set of directives to use during the solve process.


An allowed value is one that is part of some feasible solution to the problem. This method is much more efficient than enumerating all feasible solutions to find the allowed values.

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