UnconstrainedNonlinearModel.AddVariable Method

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The method ensures that a user variable with the given key is in the model.

Namespace:  Microsoft.SolverFoundation.Solvers
Assembly:  Microsoft.Solver.Foundation (in Microsoft.Solver.Foundation.dll)


Public Overridable Function AddVariable ( _
    key As Object, _
    <OutAttribute> ByRef vid As Integer _
) As Boolean
public virtual bool AddVariable(
    Object key,
    out int vid
virtual bool AddVariable(
    Object^ key, 
    [OutAttribute] int% vid
abstract AddVariable : 
        key:Object * 
        vid:int byref -> bool 
override AddVariable : 
        key:Object * 
        vid:int byref -> bool 
public function AddVariable(
    key : Object, 
    vid : int
) : boolean


Return Value

Type: System.Boolean
True if added successfully, otherwise false.


IRowVariableModel.AddVariable(Object, Int32%)


If the model already includes a user variable referenced by key, the method sets the vid to the variable’s index and returns false. If the model already includes a row referenced by key, the method sets vid to -1 and returns false. Otherwise, the method adds a new user variable associated with key to the model, assigns the next available index to the new variable, sets vid to this index, and returns true. By convention variables get indexes from 1 to VariableCount in the order they were added.

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