Creating the Solution

Here are steps to create a Spec Explorer static model template in a Visual Studio solution:

  1. From Visual Studio’s File menu choose New and then Project…. Alternately, after starting Visual Studio, you can click New Project… on the Start Page.

  2. In the New Project dialog in the left pane, select Installed Templates, expand the Visual C# tree, select Test in that tree, and to the right select Spec Explorer Model.

  3. Click OK. This launches the Spec Explorer Model Wizard.

  4. In the Spec Explorer Model Wizard (Page 1 of 2) dialog, ensure that the radio button for Static Spec Explorer Model is selected and click Next >.

  5. In the Spec Explorer Model Wizard (Page 2 of 2) dialog, ensure the checkboxes for Sample System Under Test Project and Test Suite Project are checked to include skeleton projects for a system under test (SUT) and for a test suite that will be generated by the new model.

  6. Click Finish. This creates the new solution with functioning sample projects.

This guided tour assumes the creation of a new solution. However, note that in the New Project dialog, to add a new Spec Explorer model project to an existing solution, choose Add to solution instead of Create new solution in the Solution: drop down list.

Also, though not covered in this guided tour, note that in the Spec Explorer Model Wizard (Page 1 of 2) dialog box (step 4):

  • The Instance-based Spec Explorer Model selection builds a functioning sample of instance-based modeling. Instance-based systems typically include a set of components which interact with each other or with a third-party.

  • The Guided Spec Explorer Model creates a minimal solution for use with the Spec Explorer Modeling Guidance facility which provides more assistance for modeling with Spec Explorer. For more details, see Modeling Guidance.

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