Visual Basic: PictureClip Control

Error Messages (PictureClip Control)

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The following table lists the trappable errors for the PictureClip control.

Error Number Constant Description - Message Explanation
7 picOutOfMemory Out of memory.
383 picSetNotPermitted
Property can't be set on this control. Property is read-only.
394 picGetNotSupported Property is write-only.
32000 picInvalidPictureFormat Picture format not supported.
You can load only bitmap (.bmp) files into the PictureClip control.
32001 picDisplayContext Unable to obtain display context.
32002 picMemDevContext Unable to obtain memory device context.
32003 picBitmap Unable to obtain bitmap.
32004 picSelBitmapObj Unable to select bitmap object.
32005 picIntPicStruct Unable to allocate internal picture structure.
32006 picBadIndex Bad GraphicCell Index.
The index argument for the GraphicCell property is out of range. This argument must be in the range 0 to (PicClip.Rows * PicClip.Cols)1.
32007 picNoPicSize No GraphicCell picture size specified.
32008 picBitmapsOnly Only bitmap GraphicCell pictures allowed.
32010 picBadClip Bad GraphicCellPictureClip property request.
32012 picGetObjFailed GetObject() Windows function failure.
A call to the Windows function GetObject () failed.
32014 pic GlobalAlloc() Windows function failure.
A call to the Windows function GlobalAlloc () failed.
32015 picClipBounds Clip region boundary error.
The ClipHeight and ClipWidth properties specify coordinates which are outside the boundary of the bitmap loaded in the PictureClip control.
32016 picCellTooSmall Cell size too small (must be at least 1 by 1 pixel).
32017 picRowNotPositive Rows property must be greater than zero.
32018 picColNotPositive Cols property must be greater than zero.
32019 picStretchXNegative StretchX property cannot be negative.
32020 picStretchYNegative StretchY property cannot be negative.
32021 picNoPicture No picture assigned.