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TextBox Control

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A TextBox control, sometimes called an edit field or edit control, displays information entered at design time, entered by the user, or assigned to the control in code at run time.




To display multiple lines of text in a TextBox control, set the MultiLine property to True. If a multiple-line TextBox doesn't have a horizontal scroll bar, text wraps automatically even when the TextBox is resized. To customize the scroll bar combination on a TextBox, set the ScrollBars property.

Scroll bars will always appear on the TextBox when its MultiLine property is set to True, and its ScrollBars property is set to anything except None (0).

If you set the MultiLine property to True, you can use the Alignment property to set the alignment of text within the TextBox. The text is left-justified by default. If the MultiLine property is False, setting the Alignment property has no effect.

A TextBox control can also act as a destination link in a DDE conversation.