Visual Basic: Windows Controls

MonthView Control

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The MonthView control enables you to create applications that let users view and set date information via a calendar-like interface.




The Value property of the MonthView control returns the currently selected date.

You can allow end users to select a contiguous range of dates by setting the MultiSelect property to True, and specifying the number of selectable days with the MaxSelCount property. The SelStart and SelEnd properties return the start and end dates of a selection.

You can customize a MonthView control's appearance in many ways. Various color attributes such as MonthBackColor, TitleBackColor, TitleForeColor and TrailingForeColor enable you to create a unique color scheme for the control.

You can display more than one month at a time (up to 12) in a MonthView control by setting the MonthRows and MonthColumns properties. The total of the MonthRows and MonthColumns properties must be less than or equal to 12.

Note   The MonthView control is part of a group of ActiveX controls that are found in the MSCOMCT2.OCX  file. To use the MonthView control in your application, you must add the MSCOMCT2.OCX  file to the project. When distributing your application, install the MSCOMCT2.OCX  file in the user's Microsoft Windows System or System32 directory. For more information on how to add an ActiveX control to a project, see "Adding Controls to a Project" in the Programmer's Guide.