Visual Basic Concepts

Using Remote Data Objects and the RemoteData Control

This chapter provides an overview of the features of the Remote Data Objects (RDO) programming model and the RemoteData control. The information in this chapter can help you make a decision regarding which data access programming model to use in your client/server application.

Remote Data Objects implement a set of objects to deal with the special requirements of remote data access. RDO implements a thin code layer over the ODBC API and driver manager that establishes connections, creates result sets and cursors, and executes complex procedures using minimal workstation resources. Although RDO is also accessed by DAO when your code creates an ODBCDirect Workspace object, documentation for this implementation can be found by searching for specific ODBCDirect topics.

*Note* RDO and the RemoteData control are designed to be used only in 32-bit operating systems such as Microsoft Windows 95 (or later) or Microsoft Windows NT.


Features of Remote Data Objects

Introduces key capabilities of RDO.

Programming with Remote Data Objects

Introduces the RDO object model.

RDO Compared to Microsoft Jet/DAO

Discusses what features are provided by RDO and how they map to more familiar DAO features.

Initializing the rdoEngine Object

An overview of the rdoEngine object and how to setup its properties.

Creating an rdoEnvironment Object

An overview of the rdoEnvironment object and how to apply its properties to data access issues.

Establishing an RDO Connection

How to get connected to a remote data source.

Using RDO to Submit Queries

How to build and submit queries including parameter queries.

Using RDO to Execute Stored Procedures

How to work with the special requirements of stored procedures.

Creating RDO Cursors

Introduces techniques for creating cursors with RDO.

Working with RDO Result Sets

How to deal with the data and parameters returned from queries.

Executing Optimistic Batch Updates

How to use the optimistic batch update feature.

Using ODBC API Functions

Introduces the ODBC handles supported by RDO objects.

Using the RemoteData Control

How to retrieve data through bound controls using the RemoteData control.