Visual Basic Concepts

Visual Basic Enterprise Edition Features

The Visual Basic Enterprise Edition contains all of the features included with the Visual Basic Professional Edition and the Visual Basic Learning Edition. In addition, it contains the following features, available in the Enterprise Edition only. For more information about other editions of Visual Basic, see Visual Basic Editions.

*Note* These features are also part of the Visual Studio Enterprise Edition, which contains the of Microsoft enterprise development tools.

This tool enables you to test the run-time performance and resource load characteristics of various enterprise application design scenarios you are considering.

Internet Information Services are a platform for a new generation of World Wide Web applications that must interact with other BackOffice components and applications.

Microsoft Transaction Server (MTS) is a component-based transaction processing system for developing, deploying, and managing high-performance, scalable, and robust enterprise, Internet, and intranet server applications.

RemoteData Control

The Remote Data control implements data access by using RDO, the Microsoft Remote Data Objects.

SQL Debugging

The T-SQL debugger allows you to interactively debug remote stored procedures written in Microsoft SQL Server's Transact SQL dialect, from within the Visual Basic development environment.

The Microsoft SQL Server Programmer's Toolkit covers Transact-SQL, programming ODBC for SQL, and much more.

Stored Procedure Editor

The SQL Editor allows you to create and edit stored procedures and triggers in both SQL Server and Oracle from within the Visual Basic development environment.

UserConnection Designer

This ActiveX designer provides design-time support for programmatic data access. This tool has been superseded in this version of Visual Basic by the Data Environment designer, listed above.

This tool stores, organizes, and shares reusable components. It can contain wizards, ActiveX components, Database Connection objects, and many other components used in Visual Basic projects. It is suited to enterprise-wide component cataloguing and reuse because it is based on the open and scalable Microsoft Repository.

Visual Database Tools Integration (Query Designer and Database Designer)

With these designers you can visually create and modify database schemas and queries: Create SQL Server and Oracle database tables, drag and drop to create views, and automatically change column data types.

This source-control tool tracks changes to files and stores the changes so that files, for example code modules, can be easily and economically reused.