Creating an ATL Project

The easiest way to create an ATL project is to use the ATL Project Wizard, located in the Win32 Projects folder of the New Project dialog box.

To create an ATL project using the ATL Project Wizard

  1. Follow the instructions in the topic Creating a Project with a Visual C++ Application Wizard.

  2. Select the ATL Project icon in the Templates pane to open the ATL Project Wizard.

  3. Define your application settings using the Application Settings page of the ATL Project Wizard.


    Skip this step to keep the wizard default settings.

  4. Click Finish to close the wizard and open your new project in the development environment.

Once your project is created, you can view the files created in Solution Explorer. For more information about the files the wizard creates for your project, see the project-generated file ReadMe.txt. For more information about the file types, see File Types Created for Visual C++ Projects. For more information about the configurations for the new ATL project, and how to change them, see Default ATL Project Configurations.

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