How to: Run Multiprocessor Builds with VCBUILD

You can use VCBUILD to run Multiprocessor Builds from the command line. An advantage of building your projects using this utility is that it does not require Visual Studio to be installed on your computer.

The /M option activates multiprocessor builds for the VCBUILD utility.

To run multiprocessor builds using VCBUILD

  1. Open a command window.


    To run VCBUILD, the path of the directory that stores this utility must be included in the PATH environment variable.

  2. At the command prompt, use the following command line to build your projects:

    vcbuild /M<number> [options] [project|solution] [configuration]

    <number> specifies the amount of concurrent builds to run.


The following example illustrates multiprocessor builds using the VCBUILD utility. To set up this example, create a new solution named MultiprocExample in an example directory (C:\MyExamples) that comprises two managed console applications, one named Console1 and the other named Console2.

Use the following command line to run a multiprocessor build on Console1 as Debug and Console2 as Debug. The /M2 option specifies to build the two projects concurrently.

C:\>vcbuild /M2 "C:\MyExamples\MultiprocExample\Console1\Console1.vcproj" Debug "C:\MyExamples\MultiprocExample\Console2\Console2.vcproj" Debug

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