Matching Custom Build Rule Dialog Box

This dialog box helps you associate existing custom build rules, which are defined in Rule Files, to files that have been newly added to C++ projects and that the project system does not know how to build.

When you add a file to your project, the project system scans Rule File Search Paths for custom build rules that match the file's extension. If you add a file that is currently not associated with an existing rule that could specify how the project system should build that type of file, then this dialog box will appear.


  • Please select the rule you wish to use to build files with this extension
    Lists all the RULES files that contain custom build rules that enable you to build files that have the specified file extension.

  • Do not show this again
    Sets the Visual Studio Integrated Development Environment (IDE) to no longer display this dialog box when you add a file to a project that has a matching custom build rule.

  • Create New Rule File
    Enables you to create new custom build rules. Click this option to open the New Rule File Dialog Box.

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