SliderPuzzle Application Sample

This sample demonstrates Slider Puzzle, a game for the Pocket PC that requires you to move picture tiles around a board until they are in the correct position. This sample, which is available only in Visual C#, demonstrates drawing, image scaling, custom controls, and scalable TrueType fonts.

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To build and deploy the sample using Visual Studio

  1. Open Windows Explorer and navigate to the CS subdirectory of the SliderPuzzler directory.

  2. Double-click the SliderPuzzle.sln file to open it in Microsoft Visual Studio 2005.

  3. Press F5 to compile and run the sample. You will be prompted to select whether to deploy the sample to a Pocket PC or to a Pocket PC emulator.

To run the sample

  • From the Options menu, select one of three different grid layouts.


To solve the puzzle easier, Click Show Labels on the Options menu to place a number on each tile.

  1. From the Game menu, click New to begin a new game.

The tiles arrange themselves in a random order, leaving one location on the grid empty. The puzzle is solved by sliding tiles around using the empty location until all tiles are in their original position. Click any tile adjacent to the empty location on the grid to slide that tile over.


The .NET Compact Framework is required to build or run the sample. See How to: Install the .NET Compact Framework for installation instructions.

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