Called by the framework to retrieve the value of the specified object.

virtual HRESULT get_accValue( 
   VARIANT varChild, 
   BSTR *pszValue 


  • varChild
    Specifies whether the value information to be retrieved is that of the object or one of the object's child elements. This parameter can be either CHILDID_SELF (to obtain information about the object) or a child ID (to obtain information about the object's child element).

  • pszValue
    Address of the BSTR that receives a localized string containing the object's current value.

Return Value

Returns S_OK on success, a COM error code on failure. See Return Values in IAccessible::get_accValue in the Windows SDK.


This function is part of MFC's Active Accessibility support.

Override this function in your CWnd-derived class if you have nonwindowed user interface elements (other than windowless ActiveX controls, which MFC handles).

For more information, see IAccessible::get_accValue in the Windows SDK.


Header: afxwin.h

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